Monday, February 22, 2016

Everybody likes a video!

Hi! Welcome to my blog! It will soon fill with neuropsychology stuff to astound, assist, and ameliorate.(Apologies, I'm an addicted to alliteration. It's an appalling affectation.) In the mean time, I recently presented at LTUE 2016, a conference for creators of all things sci-fi/fantasy. My topic was "10 (-ish) Things About The Brain Every Writer Should Know."

We only had room for a couple hundred attendees, and ended up turning people away at the door. I promised about a gajillion people that I would send them notes, but it turned out that they recorded me. I figgered a video would be more betterer. So... here's that!

In the next few days, I should be posting some clarifications and extra details/examples that I ran out of time for, as well as a list of various fascinating obscure mental quirks that would be really fun to include in creative writing.

So here's the video! Like, subscribe, and let me know what you think! I'm interested in making more videos as well, so let me know what you want to learn about, or any other suggestions you might have.

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